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Since we are part of a Global Nation,
not limited by distance nor boundaries, I wanted to share my vision of our
*real* Internet Radio Station:

The Internet IS our "transmitter" and *anyone* connected to the Internet is the audience
we hope to inspire and serve. Far too many companies or individuals limit their ability
to put smiles on people's faces by simply taking the "terrestrial radio model" and just streaming their audio onto a website or app YET, still only focusing on their local market.

BKK.FM does much more than serve our market of origination, Bangkok, Thailand.
BKK.FM is here to change the way people think about Internet Radio.
...and this is only the beginning.
Live The Dream!
Do YOU want to be a part of this new movement on the Internet!??
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Let's get busy being Kick-Ass & World-Class!!

The OFFICIAL Bagel shop
of BKK.FM's BJ, Johnny Cupcakes

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